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30 May 2023

 m   15:00  UNIVER.SYS diffhist +1 SpacePuffer talk contribs (Rika has entered the chat)
 m   14:59  ORIC (UNIVER.SYS)‎‎ 2 changes history +383 [SpacePuffer‎ (2×)]
14:59 (cur | prev) +367 SpacePuffer talk contribs (Added things) Tag: Visual edit
14:51 (cur | prev) +16 SpacePuffer talk contribs (Rika art)
     14:50  (Upload log) [SpacePuffer‎ (3×)]
14:50 SpacePuffer talk contribs uploaded File:Rika Icon.png
14:49 SpacePuffer talk contribs uploaded File:Rika Cropped.png
14:48 SpacePuffer talk contribs uploaded File:Rika New.png

28 May 2023

 m   23:28  The Mainframe/Factions diffhist +35 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (→‎Current factions)
 m   22:27  The Mainframe/List of names for characters‎‎ 4 changes history +210 [Sinclair-Speccy‎ (4×)]
22:27 (cur | prev) 0 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (→‎Windows Betas/Prototypes)
22:26 (cur | prev) +55 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Rahhh this took 3 tries)
22:25 (cur | prev) +21 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Guess who can't add tables w(゚Д゚)w)
22:24 (cur | prev) +134 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Added the prototype gang B))

27 May 2023

     11:46  Kareji College diffhist +86 Vistairoha talk contribs (Spoiler...)
 m   11:36  Hyaku Madobe diffhist −98 Vistairoha talk contribs (After all, Sakeko's the school idol)

26 May 2023

25 May 2023

N    17:37  Trey (UNIVER.SYS) diffhist +1,570 SpacePuffer talk contribs (no way, anime Bill Gates?!)
 m   16:39  ORIC (UNIVER.SYS) diffhist +670 SpacePuffer talk contribs (More Rika lore) Tag: Visual edit

24 May 2023

 m   18:57  Allen (UNIVER.SYS) diffhist +721 SpacePuffer talk contribs (Allen lore) Tag: Visual edit
 m   07:48  UNIVER.SYS/Character Name List diffhist +69 SpacePuffer talk contribs (→‎Prismage (Apple): possible ideas) Tag: Visual edit
 m   04:57  The Mainframe diffhist +690 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Somehow deleted the entire meta section in my last edit oops)
 m   00:07  James (Sinclair-Speccy) diffhist +1,265 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (→‎Family and relationships)

23 May 2023

 m   23:44  The Mainframe‎‎ 2 changes history +750 [Sinclair-Speccy‎ (2×)]
23:44 (cur | prev) −59 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Added "The Cast")
23:38 (cur | prev) +809 Sinclair-Speccy talk contribs (Wow it's a story now lol)
 m   16:25  ZX Spectrum (UNIVER.SYS)/Artworks diffhist +39 SpacePuffer talk contribs (→‎Main Artworks)
 m   16:24  ZX81 (UNIVER.SYS)/Artworks diffhist +41 SpacePuffer talk contribs (→‎Main Artworks)
     16:22  (Upload log) [SpacePuffer‎ (2×)]
16:22 SpacePuffer talk contribs uploaded File:Zach Ref.png
16:21 SpacePuffer talk contribs uploaded File:Zinnia Ref.png

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