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General Information
Full NameFutababa
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Debut<= 2015-04-18
PersonifiesWindows 2.1x
First available1988-05-27
Developer🇺🇸 Microsoft
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Futababa (Japanese: ふた婆) is an OS-tan that depicts Windows 2.1x, or Windows 2.x in general[Challenged]. She is one of the lesser known OS-tans.


Futababa is depicted as the middle sister of Oichi (1.0) and Ōbaba (3.1) and also a friend.[Challenged]


She appeared in the Spring is Here! OS Festival (春だ一番!OS祭り) adult only dōjinshi, which could be bought during the 10th Futaba School Festival held on May 3, 2015[1], and which may be where she debuted[Challenged].

See Also

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Notes and References

  1. Pixiv Artwork 49905932: Cover of the Dōjinshi (SFW) and announcement of its availability in the Festival.