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General Information
Full NameOS Idol Win-chan
DesignerMine Yoshizaki
Hair ColorSavoy Blue
Eye ColorYellow

OS Idol Win-chan (Japanese: OSアイドルWinちゃん) is an moe character designed by Mine Yoshizaki for TECH Win, a PC magazine published by Enterbrain. However, the editor-in-chief has suspended the serialization for Win-chan. Since then, multiple derivative works of Win-chan had been released, including fanbooks and figures. She was voiced by Yui Horie, a prominent Japanese voice actress.[1]

Since Win-chan didn't have specific detail on what Windows OS she is based on, it could be assumed that she was a catchall personification of all Windows operating systems.


OS Idol Win-chan's earliest appearance in media seems to be from a promotional CD[2] by Enterbrain, which dates back as early as October 1998. This would mean that Win-chan predates Me-tan by almost 5 years.

Merchandise featuring Win-chan

  • OS Idol Win-chan Complete Fan Book SKYBLUE (Tech CD-ROM book)[3]
  • OS Idol Win-chan Figure by Kaiyodo[4]
  • OS Idol Win-chan 1/8 Figure Ver.3 by Organic[5]


  • Win-chan has a theme song[6] titled "Win Was Forever" with lyrics written by Mine Yoshizaki, music by Takahiro Iwai and sung by her voice actress Yui Horie, released in TECH Win's October 2000 issue.

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