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General Information
Full NameMe-tan
AliasMe, ME
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Inspired byCanal Vorfeed
PersonifiesWindows Me
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen

Me-tan (Japanese: Meたん, Me-tan), also known as simply Me or ME spelled out (えむいー[1], Emui), is a Futaba Channel OS-tan that depicts Windows Millennium Edition. With her iconic green pigtails and clumsiness, she is one of the most popular OS-tans along with 95-tan, XP-tan, and Nanami Madobe.


In Japan in 2003, anthropomorphic boom was in full swing, the trend in the anonymous bulletin board community was also strong. Then, Me-tan was created on August 6, 2003 in Futaba, but rumors say Me-tan appeared in July of that same year.

Me-tan is portrayed as a clumsy yet cheerful maid. just like Windows Me in real life, she freezes or crashes suddenly and runs out of CPU without warning. Emui wields a green onion as an item. (Negi was inspired by NEGiES, a Japanese personal firewall for freeware Windows.) or rarely a crowbar

Her favorite food is a roll cake (which she first became fond of when she was mistakenly depicted as a "ehomaki" (a Japanese roll cake) Me-tan is also a 'punching bag character", often portrayed as an idiot or natural idiot who fails to defrag, puts fried noodles in the sink, and puts coke in the microwave. Emui is usually shipped with MacOS9-kun.


Me-tan has green hair in two parted braids as pigtails with an ahoge, and green eyes. She wears a Blue maid outfit and with a pure white apron over it and a red orange ribbon fastening on the collar has an exclamation mark (used to indicate an error on the active desktop). Her ahoge expresses emotions, can fly with it, and (assuming IF the OS-tans are human) is also a bone. Her design was inspired by Canal Vorfeed (キャナル・ヴォルフィード) from the 1998 anime "Lost Universe" (ロスト・ユニバース)

In an early design, she had a dark violet dress and white pantyhoses. It was changed to better match the Windows Me's colors[2].

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