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Infobox for characters, also suitable for User Pages (humoristically treating Real Life like any Universe on the Wiki).

General Template

If not applicable or redundant (like don't fill both measurements and height), then simply completely remove a line (don't keep it with something like N/A).

{{Infobox Character
|type = Type of character (OS-tan, OS-kun, App-tan,...)
|image = Image of your character.png
|images = Allows the use of Template:Tabbed Gallery, will be ignored if image is used
|fullname = Full character name
|alias = Aliases (nicknames,...)
|born = Character's Date of Birth. The format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
|birthday = Character's Birthday if indeterminate year (do not use both born and birthday). The format should be "Month Day".
|pronouns = The pronouns to use to refer to this character
|universe = Character's origin/which universe it belongs
|designer = Who designed/created the character
|inspiration = From which character this one is inspired, if not purely original
|debut = When the character was first published, in the YYYY-MM-DD format
|personification = What this character personifies
|available = If it is a product or site, when it was first available in its first finalized form (or notable form if it makes little sense to talk about a finalized form), in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Not necessarily to the general public: use the Released to Manufacturing date rather than the General Availability one for example.
|established = use this instead of available in other cases like companies/groups or brands.
|developer = Who develops what is personified (in case it is a software personification)
|owner = Who owns what is personified (in case it is something like a company personification)
|measurements = Character's height and weight
|height = Character's height if weight not known
|haircolor = Character's Hair Color
|eyecolor = Character's Eye Color
|affiliation = To which group/organization this character might belong to or be affiliated with, if any
|customkey1 = Custom Key 1 (use these to create fields not proposed by the Template, it could be something like Friends/Family, Likes/Dislikes,...)
|customvalue1 = Custom Value 1
|customkey2 = Custom Key 2
|customvalue2 = Custom Value 2
|customkey3 = Custom Key 3
|customvalue3 = Custom Value 3


General Information
Full NameMona
BirthdayOctober 29
Universe/OriginMona's Museum
First available2022-10-29
Measurements164 cm, 58 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Other Information
AffiliationMona's Museum
OccupationIT Museum Curator
{{Infobox Character
|type = [[:Category:Site personifications|Site-tan]]
|image = Mona Cropped.png
|fullname = Mona
|birthday = October 29
|universe = [[Mona's Museum]]
|designer = [[User:Pttn|Pttn]]
|debut = 2022-12-29
|personification = OS-tans.moe
|available = 2022-10-29
|measurements = 164 cm, 58 kg
|haircolor = Light Brown
|eyecolor = Light Brown
|affiliation = [[Mona's Museum (location)|Mona's Museum]]
|customkey1 = Occupation
|customvalue1 = IT Museum Curator
General Information
Full NameNanami Madobe
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
PersonifiesWindows 7
First available2009-07-22
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBlue, with rainbow reflect
{{Infobox Character
|type = [[:Category:OS personifications|OS-tan]]
|image = Nanami_Madobe_Cropped.png
|fullname = Nanami Madobe
|universe = [[:Category:Madobe Universe|Madobe Universe]]
|designer = Wakaba
|debut = 2009-09-14
|personification = [[Windows 7]]
|available = 2009-07-22
|developer = [[Microsoft]]
|haircolor = Blue
|eyecolor = Blue, with rainbow reflect
General Information
Full NameKyuubi Madobe
Universe/OriginVery troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux
PersonifiesWindows 9
DeveloperMicroshaft Corporation
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorBlue
{{Infobox Character
|type = [[:Category:OS personifications|OS-tan]]
|image = Win9.png
|fullname = Kyuubi Madobe
|universe = [[Very troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux]]
|designer = [[User:Francispwn|Francispwn]]
|personification = [[Windows 9]]
|developer = Microshaft Corporation
|height = 9'0
|haircolor = Light Blue
|eyecolor = Blue