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General Information
Full NameInu-T
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Debut8-24-1996 (OS) 2005-2006 (character)
PersonifiesWindows NT 4.0
Hair ColorUsually Baby Blue
Eye ColorUsually Blue

Inu-T (Japanese: いぬてぃ, Inutei) is an OS-tan that depicts Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or sometimes depicts Windows NT before Windows 2000.


Inu-T is a carefree, sweet and spunky person, with an endearing dog-like attitude.

The Reason why Inu-T is a dog girl is a lost-in-translation joke to westerners, but it makes sense in Japanese. NT→Enu-tei (えぬてぃ) →Inu-tei (いぬてぃ) → Inu-tei (犬てぃ) and the fact that Inu (犬 or いぬ) means dog. Most depictions of her show her being able to speak human language and waking with 2 legs. She would end her sentences with "~wafun" (~わふん) Inu-T is not really that sharp, and is often with Me-tan to do funny acts.

Because of its high memory capacity for an old OS, she is often portrayed as a gluttonous eater and always want to be fed.

She has almost no sense of shame, and is often seen in unprotected (i.e., dangerous) outfits and makes those around her flinch (or thrill) when she is dressed up in something defenseless (i.e., dangerous).

The depictions that don't show her being able to speak in the human language walks on all fours and is basically a dog.


Inu-T has blue or light purple hair, fluffy droopy dog ears, a dog's tail and a collar. Both the ears and tail have white at the ends. She usually wears gloves and boots shaped like paws, and colored blue to match her ears and tail. She also wears a yellow ribbon on her hair just like her mother (NT-tan, which used to be a catch-all for Pre-2000 Windows NT and both now coexist) and a sleeveless light blue one-piece.

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