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General Information
Full NameInu-T
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows NT 4.0
First available1996-07-31
Hair ColorBaby Blue
Eye ColorBlue

Inu-T (Japanese: いぬてぃ, Inutei) is an OS-tan that depicts Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, or sometimes Windows NT before Windows 2000.


Inu-T is depicted as a dog kemonomimi, and has blue or light purple hair, fluffy droopy dog ears, a dog's tail and a collar. Both the ears and tail have white at the ends. She usually wears gloves and boots shaped like paws, and colored blue to match her ears and tail. She also wears a yellow ribbon on her hair just like her mother (NT-Mama, which used to be a catch-all for Pre-2000 Windows NT) and a sleeveless light blue one-piece.

She was designed as Futaba Channel's comeback against the Windows NT design by the doujin circle DejaVu, who had mechanical cat ears and short hair similar to 2K-tan.


Inu-T is a carefree, sweet and spunky person, with an endearing dog-like attitude. Most depictions of her show her being able to speak human language and waking with 2 legs. She would end her sentences with "~wafun" (~わふん).

Inu-T wasn't the brightest bulb among the OS-tans, and is frequently presented as a comic relief with Me-tan. Because of its high memory capacity for an old OS, she is often portrayed as a gluttonous eater like XP-tan, and often finds herself in risky situations due to her nature.

Some portrayals feature Inu-T as 2K-tan's sister, and is able to communicate with other OS-tans, while others don't show her being able to speak in the human language, and walks on all fours like a dog.


  • The reason Inu-T is a dog kemonomimi comes from the romaji of NT (enu-ti), which sounds like inu ti, and inu (いぬ) is the Japanese for dog.
  • Although NT-Mama was once considered the definitive Futaba personification of Windows NT, both her and Inu-T coexist as the OS-tans of Windows NT, the former often portrayed as the latter's mother. However in recent years, Inu-T is the more popularized characterization of NT.

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