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General Information
Full NameNT-Mama
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Debut2005 or 2006
PersonifiesWindows NT 3.x
First available1993-07-27
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorBlue or purple

NT-Mama (Japanese: NTママン, NT-maman) is an OS-tan that depicts Windows NT 3.x, or sometimes Windows NT releases before Windows 2000.


NT-Mama is depicted as a woman with purple hair (ranging from lilac to very dark) tied in a ponytail by a blue or yellow ribbon. She has blue or purple eyes, and usually wears a simple pink dress, sometimes with a long-sleeved shirt under it, and an apron over it. She is also portrayed as a mother or an office worker.


NT-Mama is portrayed as the mother of 2K-tan, Inu-T and the other NT releases. Although usually seen as loving, sweet and motherly, a few artists' depictions made her as a bold, and sometimes crazed warrior, shown with a broadsword or rapier.

One such depiction shows her alongside 95-tan, as they are thought to have trained and fought together in the OS Wars, representing Microsoft's dominance over the OS market.


  • Despite both NT-Mama and Inu-T are widely accepted as OS-tans of Windows NT, the latter is more popularized in recent years.
  • Some sources cited NT-Mama's first appearance/debut as January 19, 1996, which refers to Windows NT 3.51's release date in Japan, although Windows NT 3.x was first released by Microsoft on July 27, 1993.

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