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Sailor 95 - 95-tan Sailor-me.gif
Character bio
Status Official
Full Name Madobe Kanoko
Debut Unknown
Personification of Windows 95
OS Developer Microsoft Corporation
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Height Unknown
Hair color Usually brown
Eye color Usually brown

This is an article about the 95-tan OS-tan. To learn more about the OS she personifies, or see more characters that personifies that OS, see Windows 95

95-tan, also known as Madobe Kanoko, is the OS-tan that depicts Windows 95. Gentle and serene, wearing her pink kimono and classy glasses, she is one of the most recognizable OS-tans, along side XP-tan, Me-tan and Nanami Madobe.


Her usual depiction is portrayed as being a very classy girl, wearing the aforementioned pink kimono and hakama and oldschool styled glasses. The pattern on it is actually a reference to one of the wallpapers present on the CD-ROM releases of Windows 95 sold exclusively in Japan, called hana256.bmp. Kanoko also has her iconic ribbon on the back side of her head, with the 4 Windows logo colors. To top it all off, she wears thick sandals, making her homage to the early modern era of Japan that more complete. In other instances, she is seen using a full body leotard, normally in dark blue or black, sometimes with a light blue necktie.

Being part of the Windows Family, Kanoko has a notable hate for everyone except her fellow Windows OS-tans. That's the reason she occasionally has her trusty katana by her side, in case any pesky Linux-tan or MacOS-tan crosses paths with her.

Her activities generically revolve around drinking tea, doing household chores and serving meals. In addition to that, she has difficulties in understanding newer, post-Windows 95 technologies, such as USB devices and internet connections without the use of dial-up.