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General Information
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 95
First available1995-07-14
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

95-tan (Japanese: 95たん, 95-tan) is an OS-tan that depicts Windows 95. Gentle and serene, wearing her pink kimono, she is one of the most recognizable OS-tans, alongside XP-tan, Me-tan and Nanami Madobe.


She is typically depicted as a classy young woman dressed in Japanese traditional attire, such as hakama, geta sandals, and a pink kimono with a cherry blossom pattern. Her kimono pattern is based on the "Hanami" wallpaper, which was included in the exclusive CD-ROM releases of Windows 95 in Japan, named "hana256.bmp". 95-tan also wears an iconic four-colored ribbon on the back of her hair, which were the colors of the Windows logo.


95-tan is considered one of the more stable OS-tans, but she is sometimes depicted wielding a katana aggressively towards Mac-tans, as well as troublemakers within her own family. This is symbolic of Microsoft's complete domination of the personal computer industry with the release of Windows 95, which led to her aggressive demeanor during the OS Wars. At that time, she actively fought against Mac-tans, including her old enemy Kapone.

Her current activities usually involve drinking tea, doing household chores, and serving meals. However, she struggles to understand newer technologies that emerged after Windows 95, such as USB devices and internet connections without dial-up.

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