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General Information
Universe/OriginMagical Toko-chan Project
DesignerWatanabe Go (Go-san)
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorRed

Solaris-chan (Japanese: ソラリスちゃん) is a moe personification that depicts Solaris. She seems to have been published in around 1999, the same year as Magical Toko.


Solaris-chan is designed by Watanabe Go, or Go-san (ごうさん), as referred to in her homepage.


Solaris-chan is Magical Toko's sister, though the latter is not aware of it. She and Toko usually attend the same school (Hieju Gakuen), but they also participate in the same club activities. After learning about Toko-chan's existence, she escapes from the System V principality.

She was originally born in the BSD country, though she got married into the System V principality, before escaping and becoming a magical girl. Her transformation device is a Java ring, and she has a Sun Spear as a weapon, which can do the special move "Shine Spark". She acquired "Shine Spark" at a young age, a skill passed down from generation to generation in the Sun family. It reprograms the heightened emotional energy and releases it instantly, so it's like a magical iaido. Solaris-Chan has mastered both BSD and SystemV and eventually mastered POSIX.


  • Her childhood name is Sun, before changing her name to Solaris.
  • In the earthly world, her name is Yoko Hibino (日比野陽子)

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