Magical Toko-chan Project

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Magical Toko-chan Project is the universe where characters such as Magical Toko and Solaris-chan originate from. Unlike Trouble Windows, the Magical Toko-chan Project has a developed story, plot, lore, and setting. It is also referred to as BSD Princess Magical Toko-chan.

This project was meant to be an hypothetical[1] anime or tv program with a total of 52 episodes. Toko, a princess of BSD in another world, navigates the human world, encountering various people, and undergoing personal growth – blending both comical and serious tones. The narrative delves into themes of love, adolescence, overcoming challenges, and the power of friendship. Tailored for junior high school students, the story resonates with the experiences of young viewers.[2]

Magical Toko-chan Project was developed using the “bazaar method”. In this method, anyone who contributes material is instantly considered a participant. The hypothetical anime script initially started with the draft by the user Naku. It garnered a lot of responses, and due to the enthusiasm, others joined the project, and even created character images and theme songs.

Although the website for the Magical Toko-chan Project is still available, most links such as episodes, airing lists and character details are unavailable.