Magical Toko

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Not to be confused with Tōko Madobe.
General Information
Full NameMagical Toko
Universe/OriginMagical Toko-chan Project
Hair ColorLilac
Eye ColorGreen

Magical Toko-chan (Japanese: マジカルとこちゃん) is a moe personification that depicts BSD that is old as characters like Win-chan and the iMac Girl.

She seems to have a theme song called "Rainbow Holy☆Trident"[1]


Her outfits consist of a trident that has coloured circles, short lilac hair, a yellow headband with points like devil horns, a purple pointed tail, and an attire that is red with a large yellow bow near the waist. A alternative design has colours of her outfit switched around to be blue, orange, yellow and green.

She was designed by T.Shiozaki as per her site.


A 12-year-old girl full of energy, she is the main character of a supposed comic. The creator wanted her to be featured in a “A Certain FreeBSD News” or "AS*EC World's serialized (factually incorrect) wine pillows". Her morning starts with a bowl of miso soup.

She looks like an ordinary girl, but she's actually a princess from a place called "BSD country". She has a older sister that represents Solaris named Solaris-chan.

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