Tōko Madobe

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General Information
Full NameTōko Madobe
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
DesignerWindows Navi+
PersonifiesWindows 10
Hair ColorWhite , Light Blue lowlights
Eye ColorBlue

Tōko Madobe (Japanese: 窓辺とおこ, Madobe Tōko) is an OS-tan that personifies Microsoft Windows 10.


She was first announced on May 26 2015[1][2][3] by Windows Navi+ as an unnamed mascot for Windows 10, with a contest where participants could choose her name, starting from June 19 2015. The announcement included her first official art and a bio.

In an event held on July 31 evening in Akihabara, her name was revealed to be "Tōko Madobe"[4][5][6][7]. It was first mistakenly announced as "窓辺とうこ" before being corrected to "窓辺とおこ" (both can be transcripted as Madobe Tōko).


Nice to meet you, I'm a 17-year-old member of the Madobe Family from 100 years in the future. With the announcement of Windows 10, I'm interested in the year 2015, which is a technological turning point, and I have come to this era! I would like to help you further improve your technology literacy.

  • Age: 17;
  • Origin: a girl of the Madobe Family from 100 years in the future;
  • Personality: talented girl with excellent grades, very knowledgeable about technology, enjoys supporting people who are working hard. A bit spontaneous, which often worries her store manager;
  • Hobbies: cheering, playing online games;
  • Part-time job: rookie at the Akibano Custom Computer Company.

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