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Supporting Character
General Information
AliasTaeko Uijima
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Inspired byMe-tan
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink

We-tan (Japanese: Weたん, We-tan) or Taeko Uijima (初島妙子) is a character that appears in early OS-tan works.


She is basically a inverted recolor of Me-tan, and has a question mark symbol on her ribbon badge. What she is supposed to represent or personify (if anything) is unclear.


We-tan followed in the footsteps of her father who wanted to become a DOS, so she moved to Tokyo with the goal of becoming an OS-tan but was unable to do so, settling for being an anthropomorphic character for the Nintendo Wii (but that setting was rarely used).

She works at Teikoku Shoji, where she is in charge of the management and operation of the company's internal network, and is also involved in the planning and development of various applications.


  • We-tan is Me-kun's girlfriend, however she is fed up with his cheating habits.
  • She has a husky voice based off of the character Geronimo from Kinnikuman.
  • Since the users of the imageboard had gone nameless, Me's picture, which at the time had only been approved by "Toshiaki", could no longer be used. We-tan was made as a replacement character that was just a different colour.

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