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General Information
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows Me
First available2000-09-14
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen

Me-kun, also referred to as Mebou (Me坊), is the OS-kun personifying Windows Me. He is the youngest of the Windows Family's 9x lineage.


Me-kun shares a similar appearance and screwed-up side with his sister Me-tan, but unlike her, he is smarter and more helpful, sometimes found reading Windows Help files to others.

He is frequently portrayed as a student. It is suggested that he goes to a local or private college. A less common interpretation portrays Me-kun as a boy detective.

Me-kun is very protective of his sister, sometimes going so far as to interfere with her relationship with Mac OS 9-kun, or trying to save her from the troubles she caused. Other than that, he is often seen getting along with 2K-kun, XP-kun, and Homeo, the former acting as a guardian figure to Me-kun.


  • Me-kun is the boyfriend of We-tan.

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