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Operating System
NameWindows Millenium Edition (Me)
Released2000-07-19 (RTM), 2000-09-14 (GA)
Preceded byWindows 98
Succeeded byWindows XP

Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows Me, is an operating system released by Microsoft on September 14th, 2000.

It is the successor to Windows 98 and targeted home users, in contrast to Windows 2000 that targeted businesses. Both were suceeded by Windows XP, which has respective Home and Professional Editions.

Windows Me is notorious for its unstability. The reason why it was unstable was because it was rushed, and deadlocks (in critical sections written directly in assembler code) due to input/output latency that was left over from the 9x series OS, and if you had an external storage device fast enough to virtually ignore the latency (even a USB memory stick supporting USB 2.0 could be faster than an ATA-HDD at the time), the problems were almost non-existent, (Even a USB memory stick supporting USB 2.0 may be faster than the ATA-HDD of the time), and the code transferred from the NT series OS is so elementary that few defects occur.

This bad reputation is possibly what started the whole OS-tan concept, with the creation of Me-tan that personifies the OS as a clumsy girl.

Characters personifying or related to Windows Me

  • The aunt of Nanami Madobe, Mī (Japanese Kanjis: 美衣, Hiraganas: みい) is implied by her name to represent Windows Me.

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