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Infobox for Products.

General Template

If not applicable, then simply completely remove a line (don't keep it with something like N/A).

{{Infobox Product
|type = Type of Product (Operating System, Application,...)
|image = Image representing the Product.png
|images = More flexible alternative to image
|name = Product Name
|manufacturer = Who or which entity made or developed the Product
|release = When the Product was released. The date format must be one of "YYYY", "YYYY-MM", or "YYYY-MM-DD". Several dates may be precised (for example for one for RTM and another for General Availability).
|eos = End of Support Date in the "YYYY-MM-DD" Format.
|preceded = Product(s) that directly preceed this one.
|succeeded = Product(s) that directly succeed this one.


Operating System
NameWindows Vista
Released2006-11-08 (RTM), 2007-01-30 (GA)
Preceded byWindows XP
Succeeded byWindows 7
{{Infobox Product
|type = [[:Category:OSes|Operating System]]
|images = <div style="display: inline-block; text-align: center; background-color: #FFFFFF; padding: 4px;">[[File:Windows Vista Logo.svg|160px]]</div>
[[File:Windows Vista Screenshot.png|256px]]
|name = Windows Vista
|manufacturer = [[Microsoft]]
|release = 2006-11-08 (<span title="Released To Manufacturing">RTM</span>), 2007-01-30 (<span title="General Availability">GA</span>)
|eos = 2017-04-11
|preceded = [[Windows XP]]
|succeeded = [[Windows 7]]