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Windows Never Released Universe (WNR Universe for short) is a fictional universe created by VistaIroha.

What is Windows Never Released, anyway?

Windows Never Released (abbreviated to WNR) is a fandom started by jhj22 in 2008. It is where people make fictional Windows bootscreens and sometimes desktops using programs such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Paint, GIMP or Paint.NET. They are often compiled into videos.[1]


Canon Fanon

Pre-2000 WNR-tans and kuns

2000-2030 WNR-tans and kuns

Post-2030 WNR-tans and kuns

Supporting characters

WNR comic

WNR Lore

Kareji College

List of Names for WNR Universe

Fanon Fanon

WNR-tans and kuns fanart

WNR-tans and kuns made by other people


Using my characters are ok but don't forget to give credit.

Here are a few things you should NOT do, while using my characters:

  • Claim my characters as yours
  • Make porn out of it (EWW, GROSS)

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