Emi Nīchida

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General Information
Full NameEmi Nīchida
AliasEmi-tan, Windows Century Edition-tan, Ribbon of Cuisine
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Inspired byME-tan
Debut2023-2-20 (site) 2100-9-14 (OS) Chapter 1 (manga)
PersonifiesWindows Century Edition
Hair ColorLime Green
Eye ColorLime Green
Other Information
StatusAlive (2100)

Emi Nīchida (Japanese: 二一田絵美) is the female personification for Windows Century Edition. She is the younger twin sister for Shichi Nīchida.

Technical Details

Windows Century Edition is a remake of the unstable Windows ME in the year 2100, but unlike the latter, this future OS is less unstable. The idea was originally generated by MinderiaYoutuber and used in his Windows History with Never Released Versions Update 5.

Profile and Details

"Hi everybody! It's Emi Nīchida!! Nice to meet you all!!"

Here is the profile of Shichi, as shown in Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!.

  • Full Name: Nīchida Emi;
  • Birthday: June 19, 2080;
  • Personality: A cute yet clumsy cooking prodigy;
  • Hobbies: cooking food, watching movies;
  • Education and Job: A 2nd year-student at Kareji College, works part-time as a chef at Yamakawa Cafe;
  • Backstory: She had a great childhood, being doted on by her parents.

Born in June 19, just like her brother, Emi is a cute yet clumsy master chef that loves cute interests and collecting. She works part-time as a chef at Yamakawa Cafe, and she's currently on her 2nd-year of college.


Emi is a cute cooking prodigy that is cheerful and supportive, however she is very clumsy, forgetful and has troublemaking tendencies, causing her to get into trouble. She is a weeb that loves watching anime, reading digital manga, and collecting anime merch.

Her clumsiness leads her to sometimes be called a "Dojikko", "air-headed" and sort of a ditz, too.


She has short, lime green hair tied into twin braids with a ribbon, lime green eyes, a sky blue maid costume with a pink ribbon with a exclamation mark and a heart in the middle of the ribbon, long white socks with a pink ribbon, brown, glowing shoes, and a pink, armband with polka dots.

She also like to wear hair clips, necklaces, and bracelets on different occasions over the course of the manga, preferably ones she finds cute and fits her style.


Windows 2100-tan

Windows Century Edition-kun

Windows XP-tan

Windows XP-kun

Windows XP Home-tan

Windows XP Home-kun

Windows 199.99-kun

Windows Server 2103-tan

Windows Server 2103 R2-tan

Character Biography

Early Life and Childhood

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Emi Nīchida
Japanese ニ一田絵美(Emi Niichida)


  • Emi's eyes doesn't actually have rainbow reflect, she just had a filter applied to it in most photos.
    • Or it's just the mandela effect...
  • When Emi was 10 years old, Sakeko gave her a armband.
    • To this day, she still wears it from time to time.

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