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General Information
Full NameEto "Shichi" Nīchida
AliasShichi-kun, Windows Century Edition-kun, Century Tsundere
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Inspired byME-kun
Debut2023-5-10 (site) 2100-9-14 (OS) Chapter 1 (manga)
PersonifiesWindows Century Edition
Hair ColorLime Green
Eye ColorLime Green

Eto "Shichi" Nīchida (Japanese: ニ一田恵人「七」, Niichi Eto "Shichi") is the male personification for Windows Century Edition. He is the love interest for Hyaku in WNR Universe, and the manga Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!.

Technical Details

Windows Century Edition is a remake of the unstable Windows ME in the year 2100, but unlike the latter, this future OS is less unstable. The idea was originally generated by MinderiaYoutuber and used in his Windows History with Never Released Versions Update 5.

Profile and Details

"Hey! It's Eto Nīchida, but call me Shichi."

Here is the profile of Shichi, as shown in Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!.

  • Full Name: Nīchida Eto "Shichi"
  • Birthday: June 19, 2080
  • Age: 19;
  • Personality: A male complicated tsundere;
  • Hobbies: taking photos, playing video games;
  • Education and Job: A 2nd-year college student at Kareji College, has a part-time job at Hotoda Ltd;
  • Backstory: His childhood was good, but he is oftentimes ignored, unlike her twin, Emi, that is doted on.

Born in June 19, Shichi is a male tsundere that is mean on the outside, but actually empathic on the inside. He currently is in his 2nd year of college. He has a part-time job at Hotoda Ltd, a hardware hologramic phone store.


Shichi is a male tsundere that is mean on the outside, but sweet on the inside, because he thinks that he's "girly" if he acts nice and sweet. He loves making up jokes and laughing, but he hates pranks and thinks that pranks should only be done on April Fool's Day. He can be a air-head at times, but not as much as his younger twin sister Emi.

He is shown to change over the course on the manga, and letting go of his unpopular, controversial opinions by the end of the manga.


He has lime green, spiky hair and lime green eyes. He wears a green hoodie, a white shirt with a exclamation mark as a logo, a dark red and yellow belt, blue navy jeans, and red glowing shoes.


Windows 2100-tan

Windows Century Edition-tan

Windows 199.99-kun

Windows XP-kun

Character Biography

Early Life and Childhood

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Eto Nīchida
Japanese ニ一田恵人(Eto Nīchida)


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