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NameWindows Never Released Universe
AliasWNR Universe

Windows Never Released Universe (WNR Universe for short) is a fictional universe created by VistaIroha. This universe focuses on fictional Windows Operating Systems, instead of Windows Operating Systems that exist.

What is Windows Never Released, anyway?

Windows Never Released (abbreviated to WNR) is a fandom started by jhj22 in 2008. It is where people make fictional Windows bootscreens and sometimes desktops using programs such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Paint, GIMP or Paint.NET. They are often compiled into videos.[1]


Windows Never Released is a work of fiction, uses Minderian content, and it's currently in the early alpha phase.
All references to real life events is purely coincidencal, and it can't predict the future.
This universe uses MinderiaYouTuber's content (mockups and others), which is an unrealistic yet creative way to make unofficial windows versions.
This page is subject to change in the near future, and it is not the final version.


Main 7

Here are the notable characters in WNR Universe.

Supporting Characters

Here are the characters that only appear occasionally, but are somewhat notable in WNR Universe.

Other Characters


Fanfiction and Fanart

WNR-tans and kuns fanart

WNR-tans and kuns made by other people


It's ok to use my characters in your fan works or anything, but make sure to give credit to me.

Here are a few things you should NEVER do, while using my characters:

  • Claim my characters as yours (imma go yandere if you do this)
  • Make NSFW/mature/porn out of it (EWW, GROSS)
  • Use my characters in commerical media (why)

Notes and references