Kareji College

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Kareji Academy (Japanese: 家禮時の学校, Kareji no Gakkō), known as Kareji College in Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!, is the school WNR-tans and kuns attend.


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Early days

Kareji College was founded by Maeda Honmon, at the year 1975, April 3. Nanago Ichikyū was appointed as the principal.


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Academics and Grading

Afterschool Activities

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Kareji Academy
Japanese 家禮時の学校(Kareji no Gakkō)


  • Every character in WNR Universe has as least some connection to Kareji College.
  • Kareji literally means college, but the kanji has changed to family (家, か), grace (禮, れ), and time (時, じ). When put together, it means family feast time.