Nanago Ichikyū

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General Information
Full NameIchikyū Nanago
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Debut2023-3-12 (character) 1975-1-1 (OS)
PersonifiesWindows 1975
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorDark grey

Nanago Ichikyū (Japanese: 一九七五, Ichikyū Nanago) is the personification for Windows 1975. She is a character for WNR Universe, and the 1st principal of Kareji College.


"Good morning or afternoon or evening, My name is Nanago Ichikyū. Nice to meet you!"

  • Full Name: Ichikyū Nanago
  • Birthday: May 7, 1945
  • Age: 29;
  • Personality: A smart girl that is pretty strict;
  • Hobbies: everything related to technology and academics;
  • Job: The principal of Kareji College;
  • Story: She had a great childhood, with her 4 older sisters.


Nanago is quite strict when it comes to the students but she is chill when it comes to the faculty and her family.


She has grey hair and dark gray eyes. She wears a black dress, and colorful platform shoes.

Family and Relationships

Natako Ichikyu

Natako is her oldest sister, takes care of her sometimes, and teaches her many things.

Jinako Ichikyu

Being the second child of the Ichikyū Sisters, Jinako guides Yoru though the challenges she faces, and also teaches her about gardening.

Mina Ichikyū

Mina treats Nanago like a true sibling, despite them sometimes arguing. Nanagi loves Mina.

Nayoko Ichikyū

Nayoko and Nanago are best friends since childhood. She considers Nayoko as her best and first friend.

Windows MS Birth Start-kun

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In 1975, Maeda was trying to find a principal for the upcoming Kareji College. Then he found Nanago, a pretty smart girl that was a farmer then. Maeda then appointed Nanago as the principal.

History and Future

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Pre-Kareji Era

Nanago Ichikyu (一九七五) was born in Tokyo, Japan, in May 7, 1945, being the 5th and youngest child of the Ichikyū Sisters. Her mother is Nana Natsuki (夏木奈々), and her father is Rokuro Ichikyu (一九六郎). Her older sisters are Natako Ichikyū(菜一子), Jinako Ichikyū(二菜子), Mina Ichikyū(三菜), and Nayoko Ichikyū(菜世子).

Her childhood was full of joy, being born just after WW2 ended. She had fun with the Nanago sisters, playing with them every day.

Unfortunately, her parents, both died in 1960. Because of this, she left school at the age of 15 to help her parents, and to be a farmer.

She was a young farmer until Maeda Honmon appointed her as the principal, and to begin her personification as Windows 1975-tan. She accepted the request, because she wanted to get rich.

Kareji Era

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After Maeda Honmon appointed her as the principal, Nanago became a good principal. The Ichikyū Sisters supported her decision.

This made her richer and smarter, until she had around 100,000 yen. Her health began to downfall, and she got diagnosed with breast cancer, so she had to resign.

Post-Kareji Era

After she resigned, her sisters, her family and her friends began to take care of her, until she died in the year 1990.


  • Her name only contains numbers. When her first and last names are combined, it means 1975.