Sakeko Keiken

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General Information
Full NameSakeko Keiken
AliasSake-tan, Windows XIP-tan, Blissful Idol, Kareji's School Idol
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Inspired byXP-tan, Ai Hoshino
Debut2023-7-20 (site) 2101-10-25 (OS) Chapter 1 (manga)
PersonifiesWindows XIP
Hair ColorIndigo
Eye ColorPink
Other Information
StatusAlive (2100)

Sakeko Keiken (Japanese: 経験さけこ) is the female personification for Windows XIP. She is the 1st cousin of Saketo Keiken, and the 2nd cousin of both Ieko Keiken and Iero Keiken.

Technical Details

Windows XIP is a 22nd century vintage future remake of Windows XP, bringing back features from Windows XP. Like its original counterpart, it was popular, yet resource consuming. The idea was generated by Minderians.

Profile and Details

"Good morning, afternoon, or evening! My name is Sakeko Keiken. Nice to meet you!"

Here is the profile of Sakeko, as shown in Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!.

  • Full Name: Keiken Sakeko;
  • Birthday: August 26, 2080;
  • Personality: A graceful yet gluttonious school idol;
  • Hobbies: writing songs, singing, dancing;
  • Education and Job: A 1st year-student at Kareji College, an amateur idol;
  • Backstory: She had a great childhood, with many friends;

Born in August 26, Sakeko is a graceful yet gluttonious school idol that wants to be an idol someday. She is an independent amateur idol that's just beginning to enter the idol industry, and she's currently on her 1st-year of college.


Sakeko is a graceful school idol with many friends and admirers from childhood, to the point that she is called "Kareji's School Idol" due to her popularity and personality. She is quite talented, getting good grades and having perfect pitch.

However, she is gluttonious, eating a lot of food every day, to the point where her friends get annoyed at her, and to the point where she's overweight. She managed to overcome her gluttonious tendencies overtime.


Her appearance is inspired by Ai Hoshino and XP-tan, the former being an inspiration to her hair color and occupation, and the latter to her outfit and the her of her personality.

She has long, straight indigo hair, pink eyes, a blue and white schoolgirl uniform with a red ribbon with the Minderian orb on the center, detached sleeves, a red skirt, a green armband, long white socks with a red ribbon, and blue sandals. Occasionally, she wears a red XIP hairclip.


Windows 2100-tan

Windows Century Edition-kun

Windows Century Edition-tan

Windows XP-kun

Windows XP Home-tan

Windows XP Home-kun

Windows 101-kun

Windows Server 2103-tan

Windows Server 2103 R2-tan

Character Biography

Early Life and Childhood

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Sakeko Keiken
Japanese 経験さけこ(Keiken Sakeko)


  • The green armband she wears is inspired from Windows XP's Bliss.
    • She made this armband when she was 10 years old.
    • To this day, she still wears it from time to time.
  • Her first name, Sakeko (さけこ), is written in hiragana, which has no meaning. However, it could mean "liquor child" (酒子), however the kanji for liquor (酒) isn't a kanji name. Other kanji combinations are possible.

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