Hyaku Madobe

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Windows Never Released is a work of fiction, uses Minderian content, and it's currently in the early alpha phase.
All references to real life events is purely coincidencal, and it can't predict the future.
This universe uses MinderiaYouTuber's content (mockups and others), which is an unrealistic yet creative way to make unofficial windows versions.
This page is subject to change in the near future, and it is not the final version.
General Information
Full NameHyaku Madobe
AliasHyaku-tan, Windows 2100-tan, Century Visionary
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Debut2023-2-20 (site) 2100-1-1 (OS) Chapter 1 (manga)
PersonifiesWindows 2100
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorShe has heterochromia (blue/white)
Other Information
StatusAlive (2100)

Hyaku Madobe is the personification for Windows 2100. She is the main protagonist for WNR Universe, and the manga Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!

Technical Details

Windows 2100 is a Minderian remake of the existing Windows 2000 in the early 22nd century, however, with futuristic features, a new style, and support for home computers. It will be released to manufacturing in late 2099 and it will be released to the public in early 2100. The idea was originally generated by MinderiaYoutuber and used in his Windows History with Never Released Versions Update 5, however this idea of Windows 2100 was already floating on some other WNR creators that made its version before Update 5 was made.

Profile and Details

"Hi there! My name is Hyaku Madobe, and nice to meet you!"

Here is the profile of Hyaku, as shown in Cyber Girl Hyaku-tan!.

  • Full Name: Madobe Hyaku
  • Birthday: January 2, 2080
  • Age: 20;
  • Personality: A sweet and smart girl that is passionate about work and has excellent grades;
  • Hobbies: doing work, studying; playing video games;
  • Education and Job: A part-time employee at an Akihabara store, she is currently in her 3rd year of college in Kareji College;

Born in January 2, Hyaku is a part-time worker and a 3rd year in Kareji College. She is a only child. She is a sweet and smart girl with excellent grades, but she isn't all work and no play. She pranks her friends and plays online games when she has free time. You could be her friend!


Hyaku is a smart and sweet girl that always takes responsibility and leads projects, but her serious attitude often makes people around her think that she is not a fan of playful behavior, so they act nervous and shy towards her, thus making her quite unpopular with the crowd. But actually, she isn't all work and no play. She secretly has a hidden playful side where she would pull pranks on her sercet crush, Shichi and one of her friends, Karin. She also loves to play online games, especially virtual reality games, and she is unexpectedly good at it, especially when it comes to virtual reality games.


She has short, blue hair, and blue eyes, but her right eye became white and blind because of a truck accident at the age of 7. She wears a schoolgirl uniform, with a 4 colored futuristic orb (red/yellow/green/blue). Her shoes are light brown, and her socks are light gray. Her homely outfit is a blue dress with white flowers that looks like a kimono.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Hyaku Madobe
Japanese 窓辺百(Madobe Hyaku)


  • She cosplayed as Nisen once, because Nisen is her favorite OS-tan, and Windows 2100 is a future remake of Windows 2000, which Nisen personifies.
  • Her favorite animal is a cat, maybe because 2K-tan, her favorite OS-tan wears cat hair clips.
  • Her voice would be likely a sweet but a bit creepy voice, like the startup and shutdown sound of Windows 2100.
  • Her first name, Hyaku, means "hundred" in Japanese.

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