Hyaku Madobe/Biography

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The Past

Pre-Accident (2080-87)

She was born on January 2, 2080, as an only child, in Tokyo, Japan, in the Fumio district. Her mother is Itsuko from the Madobe Family (窓辺五十子) and Kaigo from the Honda Family (本田海五).

Her childhood took place mostly in the 2080s decade, and she befriended next-door neighbor, Sakeko. They then became best friends for years to come.

From a young age, Hyaku showed signs of giftedness, like unusual alertness, long attention span, extraordinary memory, and vivid imagination. She then got tested for giftedness and got an IQ of 127. She was originally going to skip a grade, but her parents and herself decided against it.

Hyaku was then enrolled to Kareji Academy, a prestigious private school, and she was a outstanding excellent student with the best grades in her class. She was even the student council president in 1st grade.

Her childhood was going well until at the age of 7, she got into a car accident that caused her to be with physical problems and mental issues.

Post-accident and the "Dark Age"

She barely survived the accident with severe injuries, so she have to undergo major surgeries, stay in the hospital for a few months.

But despite somewhat physically recovering and returning to school, she felt like her childhood was over. She had lost hope, and thus, her grades dropped. Because of this, her classmates, former or current, saw her as a "lazy person that uses her accident as an excuse".

She realized that her negative emotions would surface, so she put on a series of responsibilities. However, this lead to her overworking herself, and thus falling ill.

When Sakeko noticed that she was ill, she cared for her and found out about her mental health. She suggested to call a therapist.

At first, Hyaku was hesitant of Sakeko recommending a therapist, but her parents eventually gets a therapist. And then, her "Healing Era" began...

Healing Era

When she finally goes a therapist, she decided to discuss her issues. She says that living as a disabled student stresses her out, and makes her empty.

She also finally gets used to living life with her acquired disability. She can even play games, specially virtual reality games, at a skilled level.

Her personality also changed, growing from having gifted child burnout to a mature teenager that can handle many responsibilities.

Current Situation (College Era)

She is now a college student currently taking the course of computer science, and she now has a part-time job at Tatsuya Computer Shop.

Because of her having a busy schedule , she tends to forget about having fun and scolds her peers for having fun, but she is working on minimizing that part of her personality.

The Future