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Windows Never Released is a work of fiction, uses Minderian content, and it's currently in the early alpha phase.
All references to real life events is purely coincidencal, and it can't predict the future.
This universe uses MinderiaYouTuber's content (mockups and others), which is an unrealistic yet creative way to make unofficial windows versions.
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Windows Century Edition-kun

Shichi and Hyaku attended the same schools growing up, so she crossed paths with him while growing up, however she didn't really notice him until she was 10.

Hyaku met Shichi through Emi, when she decided to visit Emi's home after a while of knowing her. She finds Shichi quite annoying due to his anger issues, but over the years, Hyaku and Shichi's relationship got stronger. Hyaku then developed feelings for Shichi.

She finds it embarrassing to have a crush on him, so she learns to hide her feelings when she's around him, To cover her feelings to Shichi, she enjoys pulling pranks on him, which he finds her pranks pretty annoying, but overtime he got used to it.

Shichi finds Hyaku annoying, yet smart and reliable, which makes him his type of girls she wants, so he also develops feelings over the course of the manga.

She later confesses to Shichi after their college graduation. Shichi then accepted the confession, and at the end, they became a offical couple.

Windows Century Edition-tan

Emi and Hyaku attended the same schools growing up, so she crossed paths with her while growing up, however she didn't really notice her until she was 10.

When she was 10 years old, Hyaku met Emi through the school's yearly bake sale. She first saw her as "cute yet clumsy", due to her cute outfit and her clumsiness while she was baking cupcakes.

Hyaku got curious about Emi and decided to ask a few questions about her, including her classroom and her family composition. Eventually, they became good friends and they visit their homes from time to time.

When Emi said she was gonna take the entrance test to get in Kareji College, Hyaku was surprised. She was even more surprised when Emi was sharing dorms with her.

Hyaku sometimes corrects Emi's actions because she can be a troublemaker at times, oftentimes not on purpose. She also helps Emi on overcoming her clumsiness, and partially succeeded, however she is still clumsy sometimes.

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