Karin Nisan

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General Information
Full NameKarin Nisan
Universe/OriginWNR Universe
Inspired bySaba-tan
Debut2023-4-11 (character) 2103-4-24 (OS)
PersonifiesWindows Server 2103
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorGreen

Karin Nisan (Japanese: 二三花梨, Nisan Karin) is the personification for Windows Server 2103. She is a notable character for WNR Universe. She has a younger sister named Kanon.


"Hey! It's Karin Nisan."

  • Full Name: Karin Nisan
  • Birthday: April 25, 2081
  • Age: 21;
  • Personality: A mean but reliable girl;
  • Hobbies: cloud, technology, futuristic software and hardware;
  • Job: A student in Kareji College, works at a cloud datacenter;
  • Story: She was raised in a wealthy family.


Karin is a quite narcissistic girl, that only cares about money and herself. But, she is reliable and stable, leading her to do more work than her co-workers, leading to her having a messed up sleeping schedule, where she would randomly fall asleep at times.

Family and Relationships

The Main 7

Windows Server 2003 R2-tan

Kanon and Karin are sisters that have a love-hate relationship, often having dilemmas due to Karin's narcisstic personality. But, deep down inside their hearts, Karin and Kanon truly love each other.

Character Biography