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General Information
Full NameSaba
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows Server 2003
Hair ColorUsually pink or plum red
Eye ColorUsually green

This is an article about Windows Server 2003's OS-tan. To learn more about the OS she personifies, or see more characters that personifies that OS, see Windows Server 2003.

Saba-tan (Japanese: サバたん, Saba-tan), is an OS-tan that personifies Windows Server 2003. She is depicted as a girl with a fish tail, with an ethernet hub accessory on her head. Her name is also written as 鯖たん (Saba-tan), with the kanji meaning "mackerel."


At first, Saba-tan was only featured in a one-shot story as a girl in mackerel costume, but when OS-tans started to get discovered by people on the Internet and became more popular, her depictions turned into a half-fish girl, and she became a mainstay in OS-tan stories.


  • The "mackerel" part in Saba-tan's name is a pun, due to its similar sound with "Server" in Japanese.

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