Nanami Madobe

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Nanami Madobe Cropped.png
Full NameNanami Madobe
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
PersonifiesWindows 7
Hair colorBlue
Eye colorBlue, with rainbow reflect

Nanami Madobe (Japanese: 窓辺ななみ, Madobe Nanami) is an OS-tan that personifies Windows 7.


Her first formal mention was in an Akiba-PC article[1] from September 24 2009[2], announcing that a limited bundle, which includes a disc containing wallpapers and system sounds featuring her, came with 7,777 preordered copies of Windows 7 Ultimate. However, a Twitter account for her was already created on September 14 2009[3], tweeting news related to Windows 7[4].

Merchandise featuring Nanami Madobe


  • In the Akihabara Moe Characters Contests, Nanami ranked second in the 2009-2012 and 2019 polls (always behind Tsukumo-tan), and third in 2013 (again behind Tsukumo-tan, and Suisho Shizuku).

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