Windows E-tan

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General Information
Universe/Originvery troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux
PersonifiesWEEEEEEEndows MEEEEEEllEEEEEnnium EEEEEEEEEdition
DeveloperMicroshaft Corporation (whaaat?)
Hair Color...uh
Eye Color...UH

Windows E-tan, also known as EEEEEEEEEEmui MadobEEEEEEEEEE, is married to a fucking capitalist and was the former-maid for the winbows family.

She bare resemblance to Me-tan, but I promise you she's not related to her in any way. Me-tan is just her inspiration, and everyone wants to be like their idols! Because of this she also crashes frequently lol what a loser.


E-tan is obsessed with Me-tan and the letter "E", so much that she turned her head into a green E. Ouch. She stretches out her E's during speech and in text and has the tendency to be very clumsy. She is married to her manager, Winblows 98-tan, but was successfully cucked by 9-tan. Due to this, she divorced WB98-tan, and took half her money (which she didn't like), and took the kids.

E-tan then went to live with the macks tans and lived a slightly more peaceful life with WB98-tan's sister. She works as their maid now.

Her favorite activities are reading the dictionary entry for E, and cleaning. She's kind of boring i'm sorry.

umm appearance? ok erm she has a green E for a head, and wears a blue maid outfit and with a white apron over it and a red ribbon with that funny symbol in the middle.