Nanami Server 2069-tan

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General Information
Full NameNanami Sabadobe Fish420 The Epic Server 2069
Universe/OriginVery troubl'd winbows, macks & lintux
Inspired byNanami Madobe, Server 2003-tan
PersonifiesWindows 7(420) The Epic Server 2069
DeveloperMicroshaft Corporation
Heightthe height of my pet goldfish
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorWhite

Nanami Server 2069-tan, fullname Nanami Sabadobe Fish420 The Epic Server 2069, is the best winbows oh ess tan in the universe (or is she?). She is a fish, and bears heavy resemblance to Nanami Madobe and Windows Server 2003-tan but i swear to god she is not nanami madobe or saba-tan she is the best (or is she?) she is so legednary (OR IS SHE?) 😎😎😎😎😎.

Characcter or something? QUE?

This fish loves smoking weed and trying to be the best. TOO BAD SHE'S NOT (or is she?). She wears a bow reminiscent of a 4-leaf clover and an ethernet hub as a bonnet on the top of her head. OH ALSO BY THE WAY SHE IS A FISH she is from the damned sea. Her peers (especially Winblows 98-tan) sometimes get annoyed by her self-centered attitude, but despite this they still care about her but i think winblows 98-tan wants her gutted and fried and to sell her as food. anyway she likes swimming and dislikes being on land when she has to.