Windows 98

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Operating System
NameWindows 98
Released1998-05-15 (RTM), 1998-06-25 (GA), 1999-05-05 (SE)
Preceded byWindows 95
Succeeded byWindows Me

Windows 98 is an operating system released by Microsoft on June 25, 1998. It is the successor to Windows 95 and is part of the Windows 9x family of operating systems. Windows 98 was designed to improve upon its predecessor and bring additional features and enhancements to the Windows platform.

There are two versions of Windows 98:

  • Windows 98: The original release of Windows 98 introduced a more modern user interface, improved hardware support, and various system enhancements. It was well-received by users and became a popular operating system for home and business use.
  • Windows 98 Second Edition (SE): Windows 98 SE is an enhanced version of the original Windows 98. It included additional features, such as improved USB support, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and Windows Driver Model (WDM) updates. Windows 98 SE addressed some issues present in the original release and provided a more stable and feature-rich experience.

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