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Project Direct Girl, stylized as Project Direct☆Girl, is a hypothetical anime project first published in 1999, inspired by Magical Toko-chan Project, which involves the magical girl Direct☆Girl Wintel Miku-chan (Direct☆Girl Wintelミクちゃん) [1].

The idea behind Project Direct Girl began with the contrarian motive of creating an magical girl based on an OS like Magical Toko, but on a Windows-based OS instead of BSD.

Let's do it on a Windows-based operating system, which no one else will do.

Project Direct Girl's homepage

Similar to Magical Toko-chan, Project Direct Girl is developed through a "bazaar method", where anyone can participate by contributing in the project.


Project Direct Girl has a storyboard that planned around 36 episodes [2], however most of its entries were missing. Only Episode 1's script were available for view in the Internet Archive.