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Full NameMadobe HacchanCitation needed
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 98
Hair colorUsually Navy
Eye colorUsually Blue

This is an article about the 98-tan OS-tan. To learn more about the OS she personifies, or see more characters that personifies that OS, see Windows 98

98-tan (Japanese: 98たん, 98-tan), also known as Madobe HacchanCitation needed, is the OS-tan that depicts Windows 98. She has a sister called Secchan, who represents Windows 98 SE.


Hacchan is a shy girl who uses the first person pronoun boku (ボク), which is considered unusual since them term is usually masculine. She is a futa girl, but she can allegedly detach it like a USB (Windows 98 had better USB features) In some cases, she is a gachisado (ガチサド) or basically a Ultra-Sadistic. the victims of these attacks (she also attacks WITH Me-kun, the male version of Me-tan) are usually Homeo and Secchan (supposedely with USB d*cks), but sometimes, Homeo and Me-kun attack her. According to the @Wiki, she gotten a "Dark History" notebook (This is likely about history that is obscure, a term coined from "Turn A Gundam") from Digisama.


98-tan has an appearance of a middle school girl, Usually has Navy Short hair with a "98" shaped hair ornament, along with Blue Eyes. She wears a white sleeveless shirt, long navy blue gloves, and a navy blue pleated miniskirt. In the early days, her design was a boxy figure ("Vulcan" in "Gilded Gash"), but however, the current design eventually became official, despite the Vulcan box figure still being used as either a toy, or something she can go inside of to either hide, or control with.

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