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General Information
Full NameHassan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 98
First available1998-06-25
Hair ColorNavy
Eye ColorBlue

98-kun, also known as Hassan (はっさん), is the OS-kun of Windows 98, and the elder brother of 98-tan.


98-kun is the younger brother of 95-tan and 95-kun, and the elder brother of 98-tan, 98SE-tan, Me-tan, and Me-kun. The Windows NT lineage, such as 2K-tan and others, are his half-siblings.

Like his sister 98-tan, 98-kun also references Vulcan from Zatch Bell!. He can transform into his alter-ego Masked Vulcan. Back in the OS Wars, he fought actively as Masked Vulcan, but after the war ended, he was often in the front seats of action shows, and worked as a pro-wrestler.

Nowadays, 98-kun is unemployed and has not much to do, aside from going to the arcade and pachislots, and lives with the allowance from his grandmother. This caused 98-tan to no longer call him anything but "unemployed", though she and others still hope they can be close siblings again.

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