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General Information
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 95
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

95-kun, also known as 95-nii-san (Japanese: 95兄さん) is the OS-kun of Windows 95, and the elder brother of 95-tan.


95-kun and 95-tan are often mistaken for being a married couple despite them being siblings. His personality is reminiscent of Cloud from the manga Haguregumo (浮浪雲), who is an aloof master swordsman, and often found drinking, but 95-kun is also a dependable and rather caring elder brother.

He is also the de facto head of the Windows family because Grandfather rarely appears. He became a master of swordsmanship and often drinks during the day, causing him to be admonished often by 95-tan.


  • According to the @wiki, he became a master swordsman by another one of the non OS-tan Futaba characters known as Itai-san. The same be said for him being a drinking buddy to another one of the Futaba characters, Akachochin
  • Like 95-tan, his kimono references Windows 95's Hanami wallpaper.

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