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Windows 95, is an operating system released by Microsoft on August 24th, 1995. It is the successor to Windows 3.1x

It was a revolutionary turn for the world of computing in IBM PCs and compatibles, as it was this OS that set in stone the predominance of Graphic User Interfaces for millions of people. Not only was it the easiest Windows yet, with the introduction of the Explorer interface, redesigned title bar controls, long file names, plug and play, etc., but it also made the UI/UX into the perfect formula, that every single Windows user knows how to use, to this day.

Naturally, most of its success also was due to Microsoft pouring rivers of money into Windows 95's advertising campaign, featuring Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" on the TV commercials, a 'Cyber Sitcom' - a 30-minute promotional video featuring the likes of Matthew Parry and Jennifer Aniston, actors of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series -, and obviously, the giant launch day party in California, featuring the talk show host Jay Leno; the list goes on.

Characters personifying or related to Windows 95

  • The grandfather of Nanami Madobe, Kyūgo (Japanese Kanjis: 久吾, Hiraganas: きゅうご) is implied by his name to represent Windows 95.

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