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Full NameMadobe SecchanCitation needed
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 98 Second Edition
Hair colorUsually Periwinkle
Eye colorUsually Light Blue

This is an article about the 98SE-tan OS-tan. To learn more about the OS she personifies, or see more characters that personifies that OS, see Windows 98 Second Edition

98SE-tan (Japanese: 98SEたん, 98SE-tan), also known as Madobe SecchanCitation needed, is the OS-tan that depicts Windows 98SE. She has a sister called Hacchan, who represents Windows 98 First Edition.


Secchan is also shy, but unlike Hacchan, she is more easily angered. She is a fan of Professional wrestling, thanks to Hassan's (Male version of Hacchan) experience as a wrestler. She watches it with pure eyes pretending to not know anything. She likes to say "Mau mau" (まうまう). Secchan has a hatred for dicks, as shown in a quote "All dicks must die" (ちんことかマジ死ねよ) using a bottle opener to apparently castrate or circumcize. Sometimes, She is attacked by Me-kun (male version of Me-tan) and Hacchan with her USB dick, and possible explaining why her victims of her attacks with her can opener are Homeo and Toshiachi.


Secchan has an appearance of a Middle School Girl and has short, periwinkle hair that is tied to the side, with a Turquoise sailor outfit with a yellow bow and a mini-skirt that is also Turquoise. In the early days, her design was a boxy figure ("Vulcan" in "Gilded Gash"), but however, the current design eventually became official, despite the Vulcan box figure still being used as either a toy, or something she can go inside of to either hide, or control with.

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