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General Information
Full NameMusupi
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows XP Professional
First available2001-10-25
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue or dark grey

XP-kun, also known as Musupi (むすぴ), is the OS-kun of Windows XP, or Windows XP Professional Edition to be exact. He is the younger brother of XP-tan and Homeko.


XP-kun is portrayed as a muscular man in his late teens or early 20's, sometimes in an exaggerated fashion. He has similarly long black hair and blue or dark grey eyes like XP-tan, however his hair is tied in a low ponytail, often braided, with a red bow. A noticeable "XP" shaped scars can be seen on his chest.

He wears a blue and white outfit, though most artworks tend to depict him as shirtless, only sporting a collar, cuffs, and a long loincloth.


XP-kun is portrayed is brash but gentle, usually a nice, easy-going guy who just doesn't always think things through. He is often assumed to be a "dumb muscle" character stereotype due to his strength and cheerful personality, but he is kind to animals and children, and seems to respect people for who they are.

He is most often seen with 2K-kun and Me-kun. 2K-kun often watches over XP-kun and Me-kun's training, and sometimes hangs out with them in his downtime. XP-kun also kindly looks out for and takes care of his little brother Homeo, the two sharing mutual understanding about dealing with their sisters.


  • XP-kun's nickname Musupi came from a pun of Musuko XP (息子XP), which was shortened to Musu-P (息P) and eventually Musupi. Musuko means "son" in Japanese.
  • XP-kun is shown to be the love interest of Pizza, another character from Futaba Channel.

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