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General Information
Full NameHomeko
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows XP Home Edition
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen

Homeko (Japanese: ほめ子, Homeko), is an OS-tan that personifies Windows XP Home Edition, and the twin sister of XP-tan.


Homeko's appearance is based on an early suggested design for XP-tan. Eventually, XP-kakiaki's version became accepted among Futaba Channel users as the personification for Windows XP Professional. The original "android-like" character continued to be drawn, albeit rarely, and was designated as Windows XP Home Edition. However, she did not have a distinctive personality.

Around 2005, a Futaba Channel user made the comment 「HOME子が『ホモ子』に見える」("Homeko looks like a homo-ko"), leading to Homeko's characterization as a yaoi fangirl.

Compared to her sister, Homeko has a more "homely" appearance, although she is sometimes depicted in fanart as having an equally-attractive figure. She was typically drawn in green-and-white cybernetic clothes in earlier artworks, as a reference to the Home Edition packaging. A simplified green tracksuit later became part of her standard appearance. However, she occasionally wears the former outfit to conventions and doujinshi events.


Homeko is frequently depicted as a fujoshi (腐女子), a term for female fans of yaoi/BL media including manga, anime, and novels. Aside from reading yaoi, she also draws her own doujinshi and has a tendency to ship male characters or even inanimate objects. Her intense fantasies often drive others to tell Homeko to "pull herself together" or "show some restraint". In the Trouble Brave video, she fantasizes about 2K-kun and XP-kun, as well as what appears to be a bishonen version of Bill Gates.

Homeko rarely goes outside, and mostly does so when she goes to doujinshi sales. She is somewhat slovenly and is occasionally shown to have an appetite on par with Saseko's. In the Homeko & Homeo comics by Shimuro, she is portrayed as impulsive and lecherous. However, some artists depict her as more reserved.


  • Homeko has a male counterpart named Homeo (ほめ男, Homeo) who is often depicted as her younger brother. She often toys with him, dresses him in female clothes, and uses him as a reference model for her yaoi doujinshi.

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