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General Information
Full NameKurou
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesMac OS 9
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorSilver

Kurou (Japanese: 9朗君, Kurou-kun) is an OS-kun personifying Mac OS 9. He is Sonata’s younger brother and the older brother to the OSX-kuns.


Kurou was designed as a silver-haired boy wearing a bodysuit, with sleeves reminiscent of Sonata's design.

Kurou is said to have feelings towards Me-tan. He is mostly depicted as a bystander in situations, often working behind-the-scene. However in works depicting his interactions with Me-tan, he is often the main character.

Kurou can draw like Sonata, but not very well.


  • His name Kurou (9朗), is an play of the name Kurou (九郎), meaning "ninth son" as the personification of Mac OS 9. However it's also a homophone to the Japanese word for "hardships" or "troubles" (苦労), also read as Kurou.

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