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General Information
Full NameSeven-chan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Designer🇯🇵 Shimuro
Inspired byUltraseven
DebutQ3 2009
PersonifiesWindows 7
Hair ColorWhite/Grey
Eye ColorYellow

Seven-chan (Japanese: セブンちゃん) also known as Futananan, is an OS-tan that represents Windows 7, not to be confused with the angel Seven-chan.


Seven-chan appeared as early as August 29, 2009 [1], in a yonkoma (four-comic panel) series by Shimuro on Pixiv. She was also featured in the 6th Futaba School Festival edition.[2]


According to this post by Shimuro, She was invited to be at Microsoft by Me-tan because she heard it was a good way to build relationships with her sisters. She also has some sort of diary at her desktop and is still learning new things.

Seven-chan also has special moves like "Live Taskbar Preview", and "Remote Media Streaming", and etc. [3]

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