Ōbaba aka 3.1-tan

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General Information
Full NameŌbaba-sama
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesWindows 3.1
First available1992-04-06
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorRed

Ōbaba (Japanese: 大婆様, Ōbaba-sama), is an OS-tan that depicts Windows 3.0 to 3.11[Challenged].


She appeared in a single image (6-c) of the Trouble Windows Opening released in 2004, as the girl inside a CRT screen labelled 3.1, though with a different design, notably with blue eyes.[Challenged]


Ōbaba is a girl in a gothic lolita dress, depicted as the younger sister of Oichi (the 1.0 OS-tan) and the older sister of NT-Mama, as well as 95-tan's mother. Her manner of speech is similar to an old lady, often ending her words with "ja"「~じゃ」. She has an inseparable relationship with her black cat, DOS Kitty, due to how Windows 3.0x was heavily reliant on DOS. Now retired, she currently tends the family shrine.

Previously, it was assumed that Ōbaba would have been a civilian on the sidelines of the OS Wars, but recent images of Ōbaba in military uniforms and holding a sword imply a different character interpretation, that she may have played a proactive role in the wars.


  • Outside Japan, she may be known as 3.1-tan by analogy to 95-tan, Me-tan, 2K-tan, and XP-tan, though the 3.1たん name is not used to refer to her in Japan.

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