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General Information
Full Name11-chan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Designer🇯🇵 Shimuro
PersonifiesWindows 11
First available2021-10-05
Developer🇺🇸 Microsoft
Hair ColorPale yellow green , with blue highlights
Eye ColorBlue and orange, with white cross (+) pupils

11-chan (Japanese: 11ちゃん) is an OS-tan that personifies Windows 11. She is designed by the artist Shimuro.


11-chan appeared as early as in June 2022 as a background character on a Twitter/X post by Shimuro. [1]


She has pale yellow-green hair, with a blue highlight on the bottom, and blue eyes with orange highlights and a white cross-shaped (+) pupil. She wears blue and white maid dress, with the Microsoft logo on its apron. A blue flower decorates the side of her dress, likely a reference to the "Bloom" wellpaper of Windows 11. She also carries a fan with a pink bunny print.


11-chan is depicted to be haughty, posh, and demands a lot of high-level specs. She also is weary of people who does not meet the strict limits for running Windows 11, calling them "commoners" [2]However, she is unfamiliar with older technology, such as DVD's. [3]


  • 11-chan is accompanied with a bunny girl, who has bunny ears, and the Bunny ears are most likely a reference to them forming the number "11".
  • 11-chan's creator, Shimuro, made multiple designs of Windows 11 gijinkas, but this version seems to be the most used variant.

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