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General Information
Full NameAurora
AliasFutura 6-tan
Universe/OriginMona's Museum
PersonifiesWindows Vista and 7
First available2006-11-08 (Vista RTM)
Measurements162 cm, 54 kg
Hair ColorGreen, with a Yellow streak[1]
Eye ColorDark Green[1]

In Mona's Museum, Aurora is the personification of both Windows Vista and 7, and in-universe, the Futura OS 6.x operating systems (which had the Codename Aurora during development). She is the first living OS-tan who appears in the story, and like the other OS-tans who ended up in the Mona's World, she lost her memories.


She was designed by Pttn and first published on this Wiki page on August 29, 2023.


Ugh! This junk deserves the score 1! Why was I even stuck inside in the first place? And... Where am I?

Aurora getting out from the Laptop that Mona and Marina just retrieved from some scrap.
  • Age: unknown (administratively: 16, born November 8);
  • Measurements: 162 cm, 54 kg;
  • Personality: an amnesiac Magical Girl from another world who quickly developed interest in broad ranges of art. She displays some perfectionism traits and is quick to make more or less constructive critics and rate in a scale from 1 to 6 basically everything!
  • Hobbies: enjoying and making art, rating everything;
  • Occupation: understanding the Mona's World, hopefully recovering her memories and return to her World.

Names in various languages

Language Name Meaning
Esperanto Aŭroro Aurora, dawn
English Aurora
French Aurore Aurora
Japanese アウロロ : Auroro Transcription of Aŭroro.


  • In-universe, the Windows 7 homologous is treated as a minor update of the Windows Vista one, so she personifies both real-life operating systems;
  • Her hair style and dress were inspired by the woman representing Windows Vista in the French Poolpo Vs Windows Vista advertisement;
  • Her habit to rate everything from a scale from 1 to 6 comes from the Windows Experience Index (WEI or WinSat) feature (though it actually graded up to only 5.9 for Windows Vista, and 7.9 in 7). Coincidentally, it is also the standard education grading system in Switzerland.
    • The WEI score has the particularity to be equal to the lowest subscore (Processor, Memory, Graphics for Aero and Gaming, Storage) rather than an average;
    • Missing WDDM Drivers for the GPU always results in the rating being 1.0.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In her default appearance. Her color scheme can be customized when she possesses a Futura 6 computer.