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General Information
Full NameTen-chan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Designer🇯🇵 メガオーガ
PersonifiesWindows 10
First available2015-07-29
Developer🇺🇸 Microsoft
Hair ColorWhite with Blue inner color
Eye ColorMikado Yellow with bright cross (+) pupils

Ten-chan (Japanese: テンちゃん or 10ちゃん) is an OS-tan that personifies Windows 10. She was designed by an artist known as メガオーガ (@oga_yui_open on X).


Her earliest known appearance is in a pornographic image published on November 14, 2016 on the then Twitter social network by oga_yui_open[1].

The design appears to have caught on quickly with fan artworks being regularly published soon after her debut[2], and became popular enough within the Futaba Channel community to already earn her an appearance in the 12th Futaba School Festival held on May 3, 2017. A Garage Kit of her could notably be bought for 3000 yens[3].

She appears in the flyer of the 17th edition[4].


According to a post about Ten-chan on Pixiv made by user Shimuro[5], it can be inferred that she is perpetually excited about the Windows 10 update. She is also depicted holding a sword which references Microsoft Edge, and with a black cat, which represents Cortana.

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