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Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesMac OS X

The OSX cats, also known as the Tora Brothers (虎兄弟), are OS-kuns personifying Mac OS X. They are Sonata and Kurou's younger brothers.


This group includes characters ranging from Cheetah to Tiger, often excluding Reobo.

The Tora Brothers hold Sonata in high regard, considering her as their sister and willingly take care of all the housework on her behalf.

From left to right, the Tora Brothers are represented by a cheetah, puma, jaguar, panther, tiger, and leopard.

They are a bunch of macho men who has been trained to death by Kapone. As a result of this unimaginably intense physical training, they have a genetic level of awe-inspiring fear imprinted on them by her.

The Tora Brothers use specific honorifics. They refer to themselves using "washi" (わし), and end their sentences with "~ja" (~じゃ). Sonata is called "nee-san" (姐さん, older sister), and Kurou is referred to as "anija" (兄者, older brother) While the superior among the Tora brothers is also called "anija," they might add a modifier like "○○ anija" when addressing someone to avoid confusion.

They call Windows Family "Madoshu" (窓衆, window people) and they particularly did not get along and has a sense of rivalry, despite their minimal interactions. They lack individual characterization and are not well-organized or intelligent, since all five of them always appear together, they can cause sweltering heat around them, thus making them not get along with others.

The Tora Brothers often deliver their lines collectively, with each brother speaking one word at a time, and they conclude with a spirited shout of "Nee-san, MoeMoe ja!!" (姐さん、MoeMoeじゃー!!) to deliver the punchline. This pattern remained consistent even with the introduction of Yukihyo, which was expected to lead but did not.

The Tora Brothers initially had a human-like appearance like Reobo. However, as they aged, they gradually transform their heads into beast-headed cats, though some accounts suggested that they are just wearing masks. It is rumoured when Cheetah first completed his transformation into a beast, both Kapone and Sonata fainted in astonishment.


  • You can barely tell them apart by their markings and ears.

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