KanjiTalk 7.5-tan

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General Information
Full NameKapone
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
PersonifiesKanjiTalk 7.5
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

KanjiTalk 7.5-tan, also known as Kapone (カポネ) is an OS-tan that personifies KanjiTalk 7.5. She is often referred as Capo-nee (カポ姐), and is one of the more lesser known OS-tan of Mac operating systems. She is the eldest Mac-tan in Futaba canon, and all the other Macs regard her as a big sister.


Kapone was once a young woman who actively participated in the OS Wars a long time ago. She used firearms such as her Thompson submachine gun during battles with 3.1-tan and 95-tan. As a result of her fight with 95-tan, she has a scar on her face that faintly emerges when she's agitated. Now retired, Kapone is also known as a smoker who enjoys lying down on tatami mats instead of properly sitting on her knees as per proper etiquette. She can be trigger-happy when dealing with bugs.

Kapone was able to educate her daughter, Sonata, to be a proper lady like herself in the old days. However, she is still serious about combat and clueless when it comes to raising men. While she raised the OSX-kuns, her attitude toward them was summed up by her words: "If you train them, they won't die."


  • 3.1-tan is oblivious to 7.5-tan's disgruntled personality and even calls her Al-chan. However where Al-chan came from is up to debate, whenever it being based on Al Capone which is where the Capone codename comes from.
  • It is implied on Neapolitan mother’s page on the @wiki that Kapone runs a restaurant.

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