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General Information
Full NameNT-tan
Universe/OriginShared Folder!
Debut2004 or 2005
PersonifiesWindows NT 4.0
First available1996-07-31
Hair ColorPurple
Eye ColorGreen

NT-tan (Japanese: NTたん) is an OS-tan representing Windows NT 4.0.


According to her bio in the DejaVu's Shared Folder![1], NT-tan is a class president to 98-tan and 98SE-tan, and has a cold personality and quite a sharp tongue. However, she is a brilliant person with a well-written interface, and her technology has been inherited by 2K-tan.

She has a science and humanities background and is also well versed in the arts, but she is not good at sports.


NT-tan's depiction in Shared Fol-DA as a very strict and harsh teacher for a young 2K-tan was a subject of controversy in the Futaba OS-tan community, which caused them to deem her as a bootleg design.[2]

It was also implied that Inu-T's design having dog ears was meant to scoff at NT-tan's design.[3]

Notes and References