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DejaVu, also known as Deja Vu Art Works, is a Japanese doujin circle best known for their OS-tan doujinshi series called Shared Folder! (Japanese:共有フォルDA!, Kyōyū Fol-DA!)

Futaba vs Deja Vu

Shared Folder! was one of the first doujinshis about OS-tans, and might’ve been published shortly after (or around the same time as) the Netrunner incident, which they tried to claim ownership of the design for Me-tan. Since then, Futaba users were very prickly about “outside” groups creating anything with their OS-tan characters.

Most of the controversy was due to DejaVu trying to claim ownership of the Futaba OS-tans. It didn’t help that DejaVu also produced a 2K-tan figure kit, which might have been seen as another commercial product. Another notable dispute was DejaVu's NT-tan, whose portrayal is disliked by Futaba users, to the point they consider her a "bootleg" design.

Some old Japanese OS-tan galleries note "anyone can create OS-tan content, but you might get pushback if you don’t acknowledge and/or post it on Futaba Channel".

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